Toll Manufacturing

Toll Manufacturing

For More Than A Decade Alfa Has Been Providing Quality Contract Manufacturing

Alfa's primary goal is to provide the best possible experience in toll manufacturing/contract manufacturing, mixing/blending, and packaging/filling of adhesives, coatings, and other chemical materials.

Alfa's team of chemist's are adhesive professionals with more than 40 years experience in the adhesives, sealants, and coatings industry. We will establish a solid and sound partnership with a Non-Disclosure Agreement wherein the best interests of both parties are kept in mind.

Toll Manufacturing for Adhesives, Sealants, Urethanes, Polymers, and Chemical Compounds

Our experience and dedication is what sets us apart from our competitors we have a solution for every step of the manufacturing process.

Our Toll/Contract Manufacturing Process Includes:

  • Low cost we pride ourselves on offering better quality and better pricing
  • A large manufacturing plant with a machine for ever possible need
  • Multiple large mixing tank able to mix hundreds of gallons of adhesives
  • Water based adhesive production
  • Polyurethane adhesives
  • Hot melt adhesive production
  • Solvent based adhesive production
  • Liquid polymer blending, addition of fillers, and colors
  • Thermoplastic compounding
  • Storage of raw materials and finished products in a safe envinronment
  • Quality control lab
  • Catridge Filling/Packaging
  • Strong references

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Toll Manufacturing

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