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  1. E10-102

    One Part Nickel Filled Epoxy

    Heat Cure

    Applications Include:

    • EMI & RFI Sheilding
    • Assembley and repair of printed boards
    • Wave guides
    • Flat cables

    And More. 

    • Passes NASA's outgassing tested listed in NASA's outgassing data for selecing space craft materials. 

    Product Specs

    • Volume Resistivity: 0.038
    • Open Time: 6 months at RT
    • Cure Schedule: 2 hr. @125ºC; 1 hr. @ 150ºC; 1/2 hr. @175ºC
  2. E10-103

    Two Part Nickel Filled Epoxy

    Room temperature Cure 

    High Adhesion 

    Applications Include: 

    • Microwave EMI & RFI shielding
    • In the assembly or repair of printed circuit boards 
    • Wave guides 
    • Electronic modules 
    • Flat cable 
    • High frequency shields 
    • Connections 
    • Cold solder

    And more. 

    Bonds to: aluminum, copper, magnesium, steel, bronze, nickel, ceramic, glass, phenolic and G-10 epoxy glass boards.

    Product Specs

    • Volume Resistivity: 0.038
    • Open Time: 1 hour at RT
    • Cure Schedule: 24hr @RT; 45m @ 50ºC; 15m @100ºC

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