Alfa International

In business since 1991

In 1996, Alfa International embarked on a mission to develop and produce high quality, technically sophisticated and environmentally safe products to meet the challenge of the millennium. Alfa International’s corporate philosophy places you, the customer, as our number one priority.

From its inception, the staff at Alfa International has dedicated itself to continually improving all aspects of the business. Our focus is not only on research, production, and product quality, but also on high quality service. Customers are served by simplified ordering procedures and rigorous inventory control of raw materials, which insure timely delivery of product.

Alfa International manufactures and markets specialty adhesives for industrial applications. We have an extensive product line of one and two-part epoxy adhesives for diverse applications. Markets served include electronics, medical, aerospace, telecommunications, automotive, and many other civil engineering end uses.

During the last 10 years, Alfa International has produced well over two million pounds of products, including one and two-part epoxies, polyurethanes, water-based adhesives, thermally conductive grease, hot melts and many others.

Amongst our valued clients are ITW, Raytheon, General Electric, Ford Motor Company, General Dynamics, Johns Manville, Reckitt Benckiser Teradyne, Amphenol, Clorox and more.

If you are looking for answers to your business needs, please contact us. Alfa International has the solution to your problem. 

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Cartridge Filling & Packing Services

Cartridge Filling & Packing Services

Cartridge Filling & Packing Services Alfa International Corp specializes in adhesive packaging, epoxy packaging, sealant packaging and the packaging of specialty chemicals for industry. Alfa...

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Adhesive's Consulting/Custom Formulation

Adhesive's Consulting/Custom Formulation

Adhesive's Consulting Alfa International Corp. offers consulting for the following fields: New product development, Custom formulation, and/or...

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Toll Manufacturing

Toll Manufacturing

For More Than A Decade Alfa Has Been Providing Quality Contract Manufacturing Alfa's primary goal is to provide the best possible experience in toll manufacturing/contract manufacturing,...

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General Electric
John Mansville